Wednesday, August 26, 2015

NDepend - an impressing tool for code analysis

If you are a fan of test-driven development AND code analysis, it might be worth having a look on a tool called NDepend: http:///

NDepend analyses your codebase and creates all kind of metrics and charts to assess the readability, maintainability and robustness of your code. You can either read the metrics as-is or create custom Linq-like queries to find the data of interest.

For architects, this tool seems to be very useful for monitoring how the codebase evolves. It might also be useful as a one-shot analysis in e.g. a due diligence process where the overall code quality in a project needs to be assessed.

I am more interested in the test-driven aspects of it though. NDepend can gather code coverage data and use them conjointly with the other NDepend metrics to get a picture on how well complex parts of the code are covered by tests.

Is this useful for a TDD developer? Personally, I am not using code analysis tools very often and find the amount of information a bit overwhelming. For architects or others that like to view their code from a more analytical point of view, however, NDepend is a gold mine of information.

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